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  • previous; prior
Our products sell better this year because it is hotter than in previous years
You'd better apply to the previous owners
  • last; past
  • before; ahead
We must think ahead instead of waiting for him
  • before; in front of ...; in the face of ...
Equal before the law/in the eyes of the law
I don't know what to do in the face of such problems
  • front
The front row/cover/wheel
Front-seat/rear-seat occupants
  • pre-
The pre- 1945 period
  • former; ex-
Former husband; Ex-husband
Former wife; Ex-wife
The former is simple, the latter is complex
  • fore-
  • in advance
To buy a ticket two months in advance
They asked for 500 francs in advance
TIA dạng viết tắt của Thanks In Advance ( Cám ơn trước )
TIA is the acronym for Thanks In Advance
  • beforehand
If you're coming, let me know beforehand
  • first
To claim the right to speak first
Who fired first?; Who shot first?
To go on ahead so as to get there first
It was very considerate of you to phone first
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