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  • destiny; fate; lot
They seem fated to be unhappy
He was fated to die young
Such was his destiny
  • number; issue
I want to buy the latest/special issue of the magazine
We should look through some back issues/numbers
  • number
What's your phone number?
Motorcycles with Hanoi registration/ license numbers
  • numeral
Roman/Arabic numerals
  • numeric; numerical
Numerical data
  • digital
Digital communications
There are fewer and fewer smokers; the number of smokers is decreasing
  • (nói về xe ô tô) gear; speed
First/second/third gear
Car with five gears
To be in second/third gear
To change up to third (gear); to change/shift into third (gear)
To change up/down
The second gear is stiff
  • size
What size (shoes) do you take?/What's your (shoe) size? - I take a size 38 shoe/I take size 38 in shoes
Do you have the next size up/down?
Please give me one size up/down
Two sizes bigger/smaller?
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