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All human beings are mortal. I am a human being, therefore, I am mortal
  • person; individual; (nói chung) folk; people
One more (person) is needed
You've got the wrong person!
Many people think that it is silly to consult a fortune-teller
What a lot of people!
Elderly people; The elderly
50% of those interviewed thought that ...
Trainer: One who trains, especially one who coaches athletes or racehorses
  • servant; employee; man
Their men are sure to meet us at the foot of the mountain
  • human body
Body odour; BO
His body was bloody
  • human
A human skull
They live longer than humans
  • native
Is she from Hue?; Is she a native of Hue?
  • you
Please don't go
Do you two know each other?
Come over here, you two, I want to introduce you
  • (for an honourable person) he, him; she, her
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