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  • spoken; colloquial; conversational
Colloquial French
  • to say; to tell
To tell the whole truth
Need I say more?
  • to speak; to talk
The baby isn't talking yet
To talk of this and that
To speak and write Vietnamese correctly
They were talking in American English, so I understood nothing
Theoretically (speaking); from a theoretical point of view
  • to get at ...; to allude to somebody
Who are you getting at now ? - I'm getting at you !
Do you mean me?
      • to cite/give/have chapter and verse for something
      • talk voulubly
      • invent, make up stories, tell tales; speak in exaggeration
      • pay lip service
      • talk again and again, talk back and forth
      • the long and the short of it
      • it's no use beating around the bush, I might as well tell you the truth
      • wildly exaggerated
      • talk nonsense/rot/drivel
      • ramble on
      • tell lies
      • beat about the bush; prevaricate
      • talk at random, talk in an disorderly way
      • speak one way and act another, his speech doesn't agree with his act; (he) does not practice what he preaches
      • boast, talk through one's hat
      • talk on and on, talk and talk
      • sweet-talk (somebody)
      • speak colloquially
      • speak nonsense
      • complain, grumble
      • talk big
      • speak the truth and hurt people's feelings
      • speak bluntly, blurt
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