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  • big; large
Big/large house
Large city
A big name in the theatre
  • great; considerable; significant
Great/large amounts of money; Considerable/large sums of money
  • major
To work for a big/large/major company
The roof is in need of major repair work
Islam is a major world religion
  • grave
A grave error
  • high
To cook at/over a high heat; To cook over a high flame
  • loud; aloud
To turn the radio/TV up loud
Loud applause/sobs
  • grown-up; adult
When I'm grown-up. I shall ...
She is not old, but she has grown-up children
Our children are grown-up now
She's very adult for her age
  • old
He's not old enough to understand it
I'm old enough to fend for myself
  • to grow
This tree grows quickly; this is a fast-growing tree
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