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  • to do
There's nothing to do here
What is he doing?
He did nothing wrong
It's better to do nothing at all than to do something badly
To do one's homework
  • to produce; to make
This chair is made of wood
To make one's will
My company produce software and trade in computers
  • to act
It's one thing to talk, it's another to act
Your fail makes me (feel) very ashamed!
  • to be
What's your father? - My father is a teacher
To be in insurance/computing
It isn't easy to be a mother
  • to become
It is not easy to become a doctor
  • to work
To work under somebody
Have you been working here long? - No, I've just started
To work in transport/television/computers
  • to give; to hold; to organize
Will the company give a tea-party?
  • to act as ...; to serve as ...
Let that serve as a lesson to you!
I volunteered to act/serve as an interpreter for charitable organizations
  • as
The Ambassador to the United States has been designated as the new Foreign Minister
In all my 20 years' experience as headmistress, I have never ...
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