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  • air
To fly through the air
Have you been waiting long?
Do you have (any) proof?
  • no; not; don't; doesn't; didn't
Do you see him anywhere? - No, I don't
Don't you see him?
My husband smokes, but I don't
My husband doesn't smoke, but I do
My answer is no
He was not at all handsome
Try not to cry !
Do you agree? - Absolutely not!
  • -less; -proof; in-; il-; im-; un-; de-; di-; -free; non-
Sugar-free/salt-free foodstuff
To disapprove of smoking
  • without; with no ...
Three nights without sleep
With or without milk?
Without milk or sugar
Orange juice without ice; Orange juice with no ice
  • o; nought; nil; zero
My phone number is double 0 three-five
Thắng 3 - 0
To win (by) three goals to nil/zero; To win three nil/three zero
To get zero/nought in chemistry
  • love
0 - 0
(Bóng đá) Nil-nil; (quần vợt) Love all
  • none; nil
Religion: None
  • (Phật giáo) nothingness
  • empty
I picked out two empty glasses for a chemistry experiment
  • plain
To eat plain rice
  • free
Is the magazine issued free to every household?
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