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  • near; close
Their villa is very close/near to our farm
I'm nearly there, so I see them most every day
Should any fire break out, the nearby/neighbouring houses will be reduced to ashes in the twinkling of an eye
Their houses are close together/they live quite close, so they can communicate (with one another) at any time
My bookstore benefits from its proximity to many secondary schools
They certainly hide somewhere about here; they certainly hide around here somewhere; they certainly hide hereabout
It's a short distance from here
To draw the table near the window
They came near me and made my acquaintance; They approached me and made my acquaintance
The jury's sincere remarks brought competitors closer together
He's a near/close relation of mine; He's closely related to me
  • nearly; almost
She gave me almost/nearly twenty story-books
It took us almost/nearly three weeks to know how to use this machine
It's almost/nearly midnight, but they still watch TV
They played cards till the early hours
It will soon be two years since he left; It's nearly 2 years since he left
  • to be going to do something; to be about to do something; to be on the point of doing something
Hurry up! The train is about to start!
Leave him alone! He's about to die/He's nearing his end/He's at the point of death!
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