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gấp đôi  
[gấp đôi]
  • to fold in two; to fold double; to double
To fold a newspaper in two; to fold a newspaper double
To fold a blanket double for extra warmth; to double a blanket (over) for extra warmth
  • double; twofold; twice
A double helping
The new bleach with double strength for killing germs
I'm 40 years old, but he is only twenty - My age is double his/I am twice his age/I am double his age
She spends double what she earns
We need double the amount they have
I'm sure your salary will double this month; I'm sure your salary will increase twofold this month
He's paid double for the same job
A twofold increase
The car's performance is twice as good since the engine's been tuned
She did twice as much work as me
I'd like twice as much/many; I'd like as much/many again
This room is twice as long as that one; this room is twice longer than that one; this room is twice the length of that one
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