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  • common; public
Common property; public property
To place common interests above personal interests
  • general
The general theory of a science
A general line and concrete policies
To go from the general to the specific/particular
The general feeling is that...; There is a general feeling that...
  • joint
Joint efforts
Joint patrols begin in Baghdad
  • whole
I was talking about the whole team, not you personally
  • same
To share a house; To live in the same house
He works for the same company as me
  • together
We walked along together for a while
They went half the way together
Stay together, don't separate!
I have no one to go with
  • to share; to have in common
The two houses share a yard
To share somebody's responsibility for something
  • to pool
To pool money
      • To share bed and board; To live together as husband and wife
      • To join forces and rely on one another (in dealing with a common difficulty)
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