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danh từ
  • Royal proclamation
  • Sedge mat, sleeping mat
a bed spread with a flowered sedge mat
She'd take all faded flowers to line her mat
  • seat, rank
seat of honour
seat for common people
      • in the open air
      • thing that comes in the nick of time
động từ
  • To radiate, to expose to (rays)
the lamp radiates light all over the house, the lamp lights up the whole house
  • To project
to attend a projection of films, to attend a film show
the film projected the sights of a beautiful and prosperous country, the film showed a beautiful and prosperous country
  • To head, to train upon
to walk, heading south
to train one's field-glass upon the sky
  • To checkmate
to move forward a pawn and checkmate
to be checkmated
  • To rely upon, to base oneself on
to base oneself on the law
to do a roll call relying on a name list
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