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  • on credit; on account
  • to sustain; to bear; to incur; to stand; to suffer; to endure; to tolerate
To sustain a blow
To bear all the costs
To bear/stand the cold
To be able to bear any degree of misery
He is very difficult to get on with; nobody can bear him
His liver can no longer tolerate alcohol
  • to accept
Not to sit with folded arms and accept death
To accept the leadership of somebody; to be under the leadership of somebody
He only accepted because of our insistence
  • to owe
To still owe some money
  • to concede
Each has his own reason, nobody concedes the point to the others
To concede that he has very good memory
  • to give up; to count oneself helpless
It's too tough, I give up/I count myself helpless
  • to try to do something
To try to learn from others
To rarely try to think
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