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  • to be dead; to die
What did he die of? - He died of liver cancer
To die from a serious wound
The sight of a dead town during a general strike
Dead cement
Dead ink
Dead dye
The shouts frightened the child to death
To sit in a dead silence
To be bored to death
Not to have any dead time during production
Until death
To die in vain
To wish somebody dead
I'd rather die!; I'll die first!
  • to be out of order; to break down; to stop working
The car broke down on the way
The watch has stopped working
  • to be the death of ...; to finish
Such a style of work will be the death of me
Such extravagant spending will finish all the money
  • now then; hell
Now then, don't speak like that
Hell, how can we go in this pouring rain?
  • with a vengeance; extremely; monumentally
To be pleased with a vengeance
When he works, he does it with a vengeance (he is fully stretched)
      • To drop down dead; to die on the spot/in harness
      • To be between life and death
      • To die without being able to close one's eyes (because of regret)
      • To die without time for last words
      • To be madly in love with somebody; to be crazy about somebody
      • To predecease somebody
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