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danh từ
  • Jelly, glue (of animal bones or plants used as medicine)
tiger bone glue
  • Cataplasm
  • first-rate, first-class
  • paste, ointment
tính từ
  • High, tall, steep, towering; lofty
to be 5'7'' tall, to stand 5'7" in height
a mountain more than 3,000 metres high, a mountain over 10,000 feet high
to measure the height (of someone, something)
the bird flew very high
high-quatered shoes, boots
a steep pass
the factory has got a towering chimney
a high yield
a high note
to sing at a high pitch
high jump
highland district; highlands
high temperature
high pressure, tension
  • Clever
a clever chessplayer
to be capable of clever designs and skilful tricks
to be advanced in years
  • excellent, magnificent; perfect
be an excellent chess-player
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