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  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Quart) (quarter litre/liter) mug/beaker; tankard
To pour water into a mug
To drink a mug of water
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Quart) xem ca trực
To take the watch
Officer of the watch
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Cas) case
Emergency case
There were three cases of myocardial infarction yesterday
  • shift
There are three shifts a day
What shift are you on this week?
To be on the night shift; to work evenings
To hand over one's shift
When do/does the morning shift arrive?
  • team (on the same shift)
The productivity of a whole team
  • tune; aria
Hue tune
  • to sing
To sing an aria of the reformed theatre
To sing a triumphal hymn
  • brother
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