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danh từ
  • Common kestrel, falcon; sparrow-hawk; falco
swift as a doe, very quick; as quick as a flash; quick as a sparrow hawk
động từ
  • To cut, to cut off, to cut out, to pare, carve
to cut grass
to cut hair
to cut clothes
to feel a cutting pain in one's entrails, to be cut to the heart
the railway cuts through the field
to cut off communications
to cut out some details
to cut unnecessary expenditures
to cut some items (on a programme)
to cut off a district and merge it with the neighbouring province
to cut a ball
to pare fingernails
cut/remove the resident's status
  • To make up (a prescription of galenical medicine by cutting herbs and roots)
to go and have a prescription of tonic herbs made up
  • To let off, to let down
the plane let down its bombs
  • To detail, to tell off, to assign (to a specific job); appoint, nominate
to detail a man for guard duty
to tell off people for various work, to assign work
to tell off men for patrol duty
  • interrupt, break off
stop negotiations, suspend talks
to cut off diplomatic relations
to cut off all connexion with one's sweetheart, to break with one's sweetheart
part company with
      • native place, birthplace
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