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  • flesh; pulp (of fruit)
  • cooked rice
Help yourself to some more rice!; Have some more rice!; Have another helping of rice!
Have some more rice if you like !
  • meal
To lay a meal on a tray
To prepare a meal to entertain guests
A table d'hôte restaurant
To be a servant on board-wages
Common occurence
      • leftover meal or food, table leavings (left for hirelings)
      • good meal
      • eat one's own rice but to care for other's affairs
      • live on simple fare
      • have abundant clothing and food, be fairly well off; have enough food and clothing
      • have eaten and drunk one's fill
      • get red carpet treatment, be treated like a king
      • both the rice and the soup don't taste good, discord between husband and wife, family squabbles
      • dainty/delicate dish, delicacy
      • without a settled home, with (of) no fixed abode
      • daily necessaries
      • good-for-nothing
      • when you eat it's vegetables, when you are sick, it's medicine
động từ
  • (tiếng lóng) walk off with
someone has walked off with my pen
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