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  • yes
To answer yes; To answer in the affirmative; To give an affirmative answer
Maybe yes, maybe no
  • here!; present! (khi nghe điểm danh)
Nguyễn Văn A? - !
Nguyen Van A? - Here!
  • to date; to exist
It has existed for a long time/for ages
This debt dates back/goes back several years
  • to appear; to figure
His name figures on the voting list
I don't want my name to appear in the matter/the book; I don't want my name to figure in the matter/the book
  • to be present
She's always there; she's there all the time
  • there is; there are
There are two persons/people in the room
How many of you are there? - There are three of us in all
There are 30 of us when we're at full strength
There are some things one had better not ask
  • if
If anyone asks for me, tell him I am not at home
  • to have; to own; to possess
The tiller owns his own land
Citizens have the right to vote and to stand for election
The book has three chapters
To have enough courage to tell the truth
An art having an age-old tradition
To have two children
The situation is obviously different
Tomorrow, the library will be open
If anyone knows, it's him
Quite far, isn't it ?; Is it a long way?
He ate only one bowl of rice
There was a crowd of at least some hundreds of people
If you want to come, I'll wait for you
Don't ever lie
Don't think like that
I don't know anything at all about that
  • to enjoy
To enjoy good health/a high standard of living
  • to hold
To hold a degree in law/driver's licence
Account holder
Priority was given to credit-card holders
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