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  • mother
The mother is responsible for the foolishness of her child
Father and mother
  • (particle denoting a young girl of one's rank or below)
I'm calling for Hoa to go to school with her
  • banker (in a casino)
  • solid part (of liquid food)
To eat both the liquid and the solid part (of a food)
  • a/an
To take a bath
Let me have a think
  • female; she-
Female papaw
She-leopard; leopardess
  • main; principal; king-sized
King-sized drum
  • thing
The house is fully furnished, not wanting in anything
The unfortunate thing, the mishap
There are still many things one does not know
  • the
To make a difference between the good and the bad; to make a difference between the interesting and the dull
The friendly shakehand
  • (denoting a unit of inanimate thing, a small or personified animal)
The bee, the ant
  • (denoting an act, a short process)
To have a bad fall, to come a cropper
Let's have a breather
the moment he arrived, he set to work
He disappeared in next to no time
All of a sudden, he left home
      • The so-called...
The so-called 'freedom' of the capitalist world; The 'freedom' of the capitalist world
từ đệm
  • that
That shaddock is a good bearer
That humiliating life of the past
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