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  • chela; claw; nipper; pincer
  • shaft (of carriage)
Cart shaft
Wheelbarrow shaft
  • all the more; all the ...-er
A wind rose, so the fire mounted all the higher
As we are happy today, we all the more have to remember the hard days of the past
If so, your house will be much more valuable
  • the more..., the more...; the..-er, the..-er; the less..., the less...
The more we listen to that musical composition, the better we find it
The more difficulties there are, the stiffer our determination
The more you have, the more you want; Appetite comes with eating
The richer she is, the prissier she grows
The more money he earns, the less interest he shows in study
The fewer misspellings this dictionary has, the better it is for beginners
The bigger the crime, the longer the gaol sentence; The more serious the crime, the longer the imprisonment
The more I respect you, the more I scorn them
The further I went into the forest, the thicker it got; The deeper I went into the forest, the thicker it got
The less I talk to him, the better I feel
The longer I waited, the angrier I got
The less you eat, the less weight you put on
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