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danh từ
  • bag, sack, pack, envelope
A rice bag
he is too weak to lift a bag of rice
cement in bags
  • box; packet
A packet of cigarettes
A box of matches
A spectacle case
  • waist bag
động từ
  • to enclose
The garden is enclosed with a barbed wire fence
thick bamboo groves enclose the village
  • to stand
to stand a round of drinks to friends, to stand friends a round of drinks
  • to assume full responsibilities for some job as someone's proxy
to supply fizzy drinks to a restaurant by proxy
to subscribe for a telephone
  • pay (for); meet the costs/expenses; foot the bill; patronize
phó từ
  • how?
How big is the house?
how long will you stay here?
how far is it from here to the cinema?
  • not at all
not to mind the long way at all
  • how much?, how many?, when?, what time?
for many long years
longed for by many a person, longed for by so many people
how much missed
  • so much; so many
The results were pretty poor
the day of complete victory is not very far off
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