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  • papa; dad; father
  • three
One hundred and three
Three times; thrice
They outnumbered us three to one
To come in twos and threes
  • third
Ca ba
The third shift
  • tri-
To increase threefold; To triple
  • (vật lý) bar
  • several; a few; a handful of ...; a number of ...
To eat a few bites to appease one's hunger
One tree cant's make a mountain, But a number of trees clumped together make a high mountain; Unity is strength
      • From all sides
      • As fast as one's legs could carry one; at top speed
      • Full of vicissitudes; marked by ups and downs
To live a life full of vicissitudes, to live a life marked by ups and downs
A chequered career/past
      • Thoughtless; inconsiderate
      • Fixed salary; fixed income
      • Certainty
      • (đùa cợt) artful; cunning; tricky
      • A man's soul (spirit)
      • A woman's soul (spirit)
      • Talk in presence of a witness
      • The three pros and the three cons
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