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động từ
  • To dig up, to scratch up, to dig with fingers or paws
write a very bad hand
to dig up potato, to lift potatoes
to dig up groundnuts, to lift groundnuts
chickens scratch garbage for food, chickens scratch about in the heap of garbage
to dig up casualties from a crumbled shelter
  • To pick holes in (someone's coat)
to pick holes in one another's coat
  • To abuse, to call (someone's) bad name
  • To curse; insult
  • To comb (bới tóc)
      • to make trouble (by picking holes in someone's coat); (nghĩa bóng) pick a hole (holes) in
      • to take pains in picking holes in others' coats; go out of the way to discover weak points; find faults; fault-finding, nit-picking; pick holes in
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