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  • father; papa; dad
The child takes after his father
Come here with Dad!
He was like a father to me
  • jute
A jute bag
  • canvas
Canvas shoes
  • (khẩu ngữ) love
Where is your house, love?
Hello, love, please give a light
  • (thông tục) old boy (gọi người đàn ông hàng bạn bè), rascal (gọi trẻ em trai)
Are you all out, old boys?
No more of your high jinks, rascals
  • (khẩu ngữ) magnum
  • (thông tục) damn it
Damn it, I've lost my watch
  • to raid; to terrorize
The enemy raided the river area
The raid lasted the whole day
  • large; big
Big bottle
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