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  • to put; to place; to cast
To put money in one's pocket.
To put poison (in food...); to poison
Like a drop in the ocean
To pour oil on the fire
To put in jail
  • to devote
To devote some capital to business; to invest money in business
To devote half a day to some work
  • to leave (out)
To leave out a word
The pigs were left hungry
Work is left unfinished
To leave one's wallet somewhere
To leave land fallow
To leave one's home and go off
To leave one's boat and go ashore
To leave the enemy ranks
To run ahead and leave far behind the person coming after one
To run away
To wean one's child
To leave off/give up smoking; to renounce cigarettes
Leave off that bad habit !
To leave one's wife; to forsake one's wife
She left him for another man after 15 years of marriage
To pick out the grains and leave the chaff
  • not to attend (a meeting ...); to miss
To miss the church service
  • to take off; to let down
To take off one's hat to greet somebody
To take off one's foot-ear and go barefoot
To let one's knapsack down
The boat let down its anchor, the boat dropped anchor
The plane let down bombs, the plane dropped bombs
To let down one's mosquito-net and go to bed
Lay down your gun!; Drop your gun !
  • to raise; to remove; to lift
To lift the embargo/curfew
  • to lose (nói về con cái chết khi còn nhỏ)
To have just lost a child
      • To turn a deaf ear to ...
To turn a deaf ear to disparaging words
      • To leave uncared-for
To leave materials uncared-for in the open
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