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động từ
  • to seize, to catch; to arrest
Cats catch mice
to catch wrong-doers
to catch a ball
petrol easily catches fire
the straw roof caught fire, the fire caught the straw roof
the radar caught its objective
to cheat at cards and get caught
the thief was caught red-handed (in the act)
  • To receive, to pick up, to tune in
To receive a letter from home, to hear from home
to find some lost property
to pick up a ciphered enemy dispatch
to tune in to the Voice of Vietnam, to pick up the Voice of Vietnam wavelength
  • to force, to impose, to compel; to make
to force at gun-point (somebody) to put his hands up and surrender
that forced him to think, that gave him food for thought
to impose punishment on, to impose a fine on
to force compensations for
to force people into the army, to conscript
to force pebbles and stones to yield rice and manioc
  • to get
smooth cloth gets little dust
skin which gets tanned easily, skin which tans easily
to get contact with
  • to fit, to instal
to instal power mains into the village
the machine's parts are fitted together with bolts
the newly-built road joins the highway
to cut in the conversation in a natural way
      • to make a haphazard guess (assumption)
when making criticisms, don't make any haphazard assumption
      • to run after two hares
      • to find fault with, to criticize very sternly
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