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  • to fire; to shoot; to open fire on somebody
To fire/shoot an arrow
To fire a gun
Hold your fire !; Don't shoot !
To shoot somebody in the leg
To come under fire; to be shot at
She was shot through the heart /in the leg
To shoot at airplanes
The artillery fire was without letup
  • (hiệu lệnh nổ súng) fire!
  • to pry up
To pry up a pillar with a lever
To pry up a slab of stone
  • to shoot out
Paddy was shot out in all directions from the mill
To shoot out on one's back
To be startled out of one's skin; to jump out of one's skin
  • to splash
Mud splashed over his clothes
  • to transfer; to carry over
To transfer a debt
To carry over that amount to next month's spending estimates
  • to send (through an intermediary)
To send news to one another through an intermediary
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