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động từ (cũng) bứt
  • to pluck
to pluck the strings (of a musical instrument)
to pluck an elastic
  • to recoil, to rebound
the spring rebounded with force
under the impact with the hard ground, the hoe-blade recoiled
  • to spring
the tree is springing buds, buds are bursting on the tree
the basket has burst its rim
to sit up like a spring
he fell and blood sprang from his wound
  • to brust (into), to burst (out)
to burst out laughing
to bite one's lips not to burst out into tears
  • to switch on, to snap; undo, unbutton
to switch on an electric light
to switch on the headlights
  • to strike
to strike upon an innovation
to strike a light
the storm struck up the tree by the roots
  • to bring out
the colours were brought out
the shadow was brought out against the sky
to bring out the various aspects of the problem
  • to help
  • ( run bần bật ) trembling; shivering; quivering; tremor (giọng); quaver (vì sợ)
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