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  • cotton
A cotton field
A padded cotton blanket
  • cotton-like material; fluff
A fluff sponge cake
Fluffy pemmican
  • frothy
  • ear (of grain plant)
A millet ear
The rice plants bend under their ears
  • flower; bloom; (nghĩa rộng) blossom
The pear branch was dotted with a few white blooms
To pick a few flowers
  • ear-ring
To wear ear-rings
  • to jest; to tell jokes
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bon) fine; good; right; well; all right
Right/good/fine, I'll come!
All right, all right, OK!
  • (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bon) voucher; coupon
Petrol/gas coupon
The workers fought for pay rises and rice and cloth vouchers' issuance
  • (ngành in) (từ gốc tiếng Pháp là Bon) proof
To read proofs; To proofread
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