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  • shadow; shade
I've just seen a shadow in the garden; I've just seen a shadowy shape in the garden
To sit in the shade of a plumtree
In the thick shadows of night
To be somebody's shadow; To stick to somebody like glue
Silent like a shadow
Under Buddha's shadow
To reflect one's shadow in the mirror
To hatch shadows (nói về gà)
  • light
The sunlight
The moonlight
The light of the stars
  • silhouette
The mountain's silhouette in the mist
I saw her silhouette at the window
  • figure; shape
I saw a shape behind the curtains
  • figurative
To speak figuratively
To try to get into a trance
  • dried fish bladder; dried pig skin (dùng làm thức ăn)
A dish of dried pig skin
  • ball
To play football
To head the ball
Throw the ball back to me!
  • balloon
To fly a cluster of balloons
  • chimney
A hurricane lamp's chimney
  • bulb
A 100-watt bulb
A torch bulb
  • transistor
A 7-transistor receiver
  • luminous; luminescent; fluorescent; shining; shiny
A shining tourist car
A shining pair of leather shoes
Hair shining with oil
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