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danh từ.
  • ox, cow, bull; beef
a herd of milch cows
dull as a cow
a dish of vermicelli and beef
a ridge-tile
động từ.
  • to creep, to crawl, go on all fours
a snake crawled out of its hole
the baby can crawl at 7 months of age
the sweet potato plants creep all over the garden
  • to plod, to trudge, to limp
the vehicle plodded up the slope
it was so cold, but he trudged his way here
under the table; incapable of standing on one's legs
to be under the table; to be drunk to incapability of standing on one's legs
to be beaten to incapacity of standing on one's legs; to be knocked in a long sprawl
to crawl and creep about (nói về đứa bé thiếu chăm sóc)
the ant's inside the cup - where can it crawl?
  • procumbent
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