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động từ
  • to sell; sell out; put up for sale
To sell goods
wholesale price
retail price
retail dealer, retailer
do you buy wholesale or retail?
selling price and buying price
clearance sale
this painting is not for sale
the new model is not on sale in the shops
salesman, saleswoman, saleslady, salesperson
the buyer and the seller
to buy cheap and to sell dear
to sell one's country for honours
to sell one's body for a living, to prostitute oneself
to sell sb down the river
to sell a pup
to sell one's soul to the devil
to sell one's conscience
to sell off, to get rid of (to dispose of) at reduced prices
to toil and moil
in the past, the peasants toiled and moiled all the year round for a bare living
tiền tố
  • half
Half-circle, semi-circle
half moon
a half-feudal society, a semi-feudal society
a semi-armed struggle, a paramilitary struggle
a semi-official visit
a semi-colonial country, a half-colony
      • More dead than alive
to receive a beating of which one nearly dies
to run for one's life
      • sale by commission
      • approval sale
      • prostitute oneself
      • run a brothel, engage in white slavery
      • doubt, have doubts (of, as to); doubtful, dubious; half incredulous
      • clearance sale; dispose of something at a low price; barter away (bán tống táng)
      • be a prostitute
      • sell one's wife and mortage one's children (because of being too poor)
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