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danh từ
  • table, desk
a dinner-table
a square table
a folding table
a bedside-table
a dressing-table
a billiard-table
a table-cloth
to lay/set the table
to clear the table
waiter, waitress
an altar for ancestor cult
  • board
an ironing-board
a platform scale
a field hoe
a round-table conference
  • goal, set
to score a goal for one's team
to be beaten by two goals (sets) to nil
to win by three goals to one
  • game (of chess)
động từ
  • to discuss; debate, talk over
to discuss work, to talk shop
to discuss the way to do something
to discuss and discuss without reaching agreement
this article discusses the problems of slum clearance
the book "On the dictatorship of the proletariat"
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