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  • Great Britain; United Kingdom; England
Englishman; Englishwoman; ; Britisher; (nói chung) the British; the English
English-speaking person; Anglophone
Basic English
British English/American English
Business English
Anglo-French alliance
To have a good ear for English
To murder English
To go to England
To live in England
The England team
An England player
  • elder brother
What's the age difference between your elder brother and you?; How much older than you is your elder brother?
My husband is not good at French, but he is very fond of French
  • (Form of generic appellation used with young men)
A young peasant
A young knife-grinder
  • I; me (when addressing one's younger brother or sister)
  • (Used by a woman or girl addressing her husband or lover)
My darling; my love
  • you
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
I want to speak to you
  • your
I want to speak to your father
  • your husband
How is your husband?
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