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tinh thần  
[tinh thần]
  • mind
The mind and the body
  • spirit
Competitive/team/fighting/pioneering spirit
To exchange views in the spirit of mutual understanding
  • sense
To act out of a sense of responsibility
  • spirit
You haven't understood the spirit of the poem
That was not the spirit of the agreement
  • spirits; morale
To be in good/high spirits; To be high-spirited
His spirits are low; he's in low spirits; he's low-spirited
News of the defeat sapped/undermined the enemy troops' morale
  • spiritual; moral
She has great moral strength
To win a moral victory
Khomeini became one of the leaders of the Islamic revolution ( 1979) against Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi and the supreme spiritual leader of Iran (1979-1989)
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