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  • hour
To work an eight-hour day/a forty-hour week
I train an average of 4 hours a day
We each did three-hour shifts
  • sound
I heard a sound like that of a baby crying
I was woken by the sound of laughter/broken glass/footsteps/voices
  • (ti vi, ra-đi-ô) sound; volume
To turn the sound up/down; To turn the volume up/down
I've got sound but no picture
The sound is very poor
  • tone; voice
Do you recognize your husband's voice?
I got the engaged tone; I got the busy signal
  • word
To say a few words of warning/thanks
I ask him how old he is, but he doesn't say a word
  • language
Old/modern/standard English (language)
She speaks three languages fluently
To teach Vietnamese (language) to Spanish speakers
To contact French-speaking/Francophone tourists
There are very few surviving speakers of this language
      • Linguist; polyglot; multilingual
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