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  • past; beyond
It's already after/past midnight
It is beyond my jurisdiction
To work beyond retirement age
  • over; above
My brother is over/past 50
Above 500 francs, you must pay taxes
  • more than
Don't spend more than 1,000 francs !
  • over-
  • undue; excessive
To describe in excessive detail
500 F per person, that's a bit much!; 500 F per person, that's a bit excessive!
  • excessively; exceedingly; too
It's too dark in the warehouse
Don't let him watch too much television !
Don't come too close !
To drink to excess; To drink too much
To have too much work to do
  • how; what
What a lot of people!
What a weight !
  • to exceed
To exceed the speed limit
To exceed one's authority
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