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mọi người  
[mọi người]
  • everybody; everyone; young and old (alike); all and sundry
It's very difficult to please everybody
English for everybody; English for general use
This is a recreational program for young and old (alike)
Her kind-heartedness is not in dispute; her kind-heartedness is past/beyond/without dispute
These regulations do not apply to everyone in my company; these regulations do not apply universally in my company
It's common/public knowledge that the earth revolves round the sun
Tell all and sundry who you are
All of us treasure his erudition
He was elected by a unanimous vote to the city council; he was unanimously elected to the city council
Did you make your plan public?
AIDS is a danger to public health
I am as good as the next man, but his jokes are really disobliging
      • Happy New Year to one and all
      • All aboard!
      • All change!
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