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  • to the end
To read to the end of a book, to read a book to the end
My patience is at an end; My patience has come to an end
  • out of ...
I'm out of money
I ran out of petrol
She's out of pain now
The other two books are also out of print
The small size is out of stock
  • up; off; over; past
It took her two years to pay off her debts
So everything is over between us !
The rain is over ! Let's go !
The crisis is now past
  • to finish
Don't interrupt him ! Let him finish (his story)!
Have you quite finished complaining?
  • beyond
The bridge was damaged beyond repair
  • no more; no longer
There are no more fans; There aren't any more fans
She no longer loves you
  • to recover from ....; (nói về vết thương) to heal
Have you recovered from flu?
To relieve somebody's headache
She took no medicine, she said it would go away on its own
  • to stop
We pray the rain will stop as soon as posible
  • all; whole; entire
CTRL + A nghĩa là " Chọn hết "
CTRL+A means 'Select all'
To invite all the teachers to one's birthday party
To tell the whole truth
The television station didn't show the whole match, just the highlights
  • in full
They refunded my money in full
  • everyone; everything
I've been robbed of everything; I've had everything stolen
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