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  • hour
An hour by the clock; a whole hour
To check at least three times an hour
A job paid by the hour
French time is one hour ahead of British time
  • hourly
Hourly wage
  • time
What time do you make it?; What time is it by your watch?; What's the time by your watch?; What does your watch say?
Could you tell me the time?
Giờ Hà Nội Pari không trùng nhau
It's not the same time in Hanoi and in Paris; The time's not the same in Hanoi and in Paris
This time tomorrow
  • o'clock
It's 11 o'clock by my watch
We'll be here at 9 o'clock prompt/sharp; We'll be here at 9 o'clock precisely/exactly
I met him at 8 pm
It'll soon be two o'clock
6 giờ 15
(A) quarter past six; (A) quarter after six
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