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coi chừng  
[coi chừng]
  • ( coi chừng !) take care !; be careful !; watch out !; look out !
  • to beware; to mind; to take care not to do something; to be careful; to take precautions; to watch for something; to be on the alert against/for something
'Be careful of the wet floor ! '; 'Mind the wet floor! '
Mind your step!; Watch your step!
Watch your wallet!
Take care not to drop your pen !; Be careful not to drop your pen !
Watch you don't spill the coffee!; Take care not to spill the coffee!; Be careful not to spill the coffee!
Mind they don't cheat you !; Take care they don't cheat you !; Make sure they don't cheat you !
  • to mind; to watch (over) somebody/something
Could you watch the children while I do the ironing?
Mind the house/moto! There are numberless drug addicts in this quarter!
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