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động từ
  • To give
he gave me a watch
to give presents
to give (something) free of charge, not to sell it
doctors give prescriptions
this task deserves to be given mark 5
he was given a week to prepare
history has given us many valuable lessons
give him a slap
to give suck
the chairman gave the floor to someone
to give (someone) leave of absence
  • To let, to make
the worker made the machine work
to make (let) cows go and eat grass, to graze cows
this matter can be let pass
to make a person go and look for (someone...), to send a person on the search for (someone..)
  • To put
to put coal in the oven
all the goods have been put on board, all the goods have been loaded
the soup is not seasoned enough, some more salt must be put in it (added to it)
the picture is hung too high, it must be put a bit lower
  • To consider, to think, to put down, believe, maintain
don't think too soon that such a shady deed is not known by anyone
everyone thinks that right
though not capable, he considers himself fully qualified
supposing he is talented, he cannot do anything about it alone
we put him down as a fool
  • Please give, please let
please give me that hat over there
please give ten dongs worth of envelopes
từ nối
  • For, to
to send a letter to someone
to sell to customers
congratulations to you both
stay at home, let me go for you
I hope for your help for me, I hope you'll help me
books for children
all for the front, all for our victory
the talk was useful to many people
a mistake harmful to one's work
unfortunately for him
  • Until, till
to study hard until proficiency is achieved
to try hard until some job is finished
let's wait until everybody has come
  • Therefore, hence, that
it is because of me that he found himself in such a predicament
he put on airs, hence they did not like him
từ đệm
in spite of the rain and wind, he set off all the same
even if he lived, he would be a crippled
the play was not so good
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