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  • afternoon; early evening
sunset; (fig) decline
from morning to evening
three o'clock in the afternoon; three p.m.
evening has set in
  • direction; dimension; side; way
a one-way street
alternating current
anticlockwise; counterclockwise
each side is three meters long
the movement showed breadth and height
one-sided solidarity
  • aspect; respect
the peasants' life in the past was miserable in many respects
  • pretence; appearance
to pretend to be moved; to sham emotion
  • tendency; trend
the illness has the tendency to worsen
his thought has a progressive tendency
to swim with the tide; to sail with the wind
  • to humour; to pamper; to spoil; to please; to indulge
to humour/spoil one's children
to attend to every desire of one's patrons
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