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His handwriting slopes backward/forward; His handwriting slopes to the left/to the right
That's not my writing
Alphanumeric : Vừa chữ vừa số
Alphanumeric : Consisting of both letters and numbers
To write in big/large letters
  • type
To set types
Type size
  • syllable; foot
A seven-syllable (seven-foot) verse
  • word
To use accurate words
To write the amount in words
  • Han-originated word
To be fond of Han-originated words
  • knowledge; learning
To give back to one's teacher whatever knowledge he has taught; to forget whatever one has learned
A learned person
  • established notion of ...
(The established notion of) piety
  • tradition has it that ...; it is written in the ancient books that ...
Tradition has it that one's spring time never returns
  • (ancient) coin
Not to have a penny to call one's own
  • watt
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