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  • thread; yarn
To spin thread and thread a needle
As frail as a thread
  • royal decree; royal ordinance
  • weft
Silk warp and cotton weft
Oblong brick (for building walls)
Class struggle is the fabric of the whole of Marx's philosophy
  • line (on palm)
  • to point out; to show
A policeman on point-duty
A direction-pointing arrow
The clock hand shows five o'clock
To point out to someone his mistakes
To show what is right and good
To show (someone) how to handle a machine
That sentence does not tacitly point at anyone; that remark is impersonal
  • to teach
Do it the way I taught you
  • to denote; to indicate
A noun denoting a person
This dial indicates the temperature
      • To do only what one is told
      • To act as an absolute boss (ordering others and doing nothing oneself)
One should match one's words with work and not sit in one's place and act as an absolute boss
      • only; merely; just
To be anxious only to fulfill one's duty
The mere sight of fish makes me queasy
I was merely wondering if this is the best solution
There's nothing difficult, there's only the fear of the lack of will
we fight not only for today, but also for tomorrow
Just last week
Just this once
She has just arrived, so she doesn't know what to do today
That's all
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