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động từ
  • to run; to be in a race
the players ran after the ball
to run as fast as a rabbit
she usually makes a run to her parents' home
the train runs on rails
to feel a shiver of cold run through one's spine
the machine runs through shifts
this watch runs slow, this watch is slow
this set runs on battery
defeated, the enemy ran and ran
to run a motor-boat on the Red River
the messenger ran immediate official letters
to run letters
the road runs through the village
the range of mountains runs from east to west
the headline runs through a whole page of the paper
to run a hemming stitch
to run about for a doctor and for medicines
  • To go in search for (of)
to go in search for food
  • To expose to
to expose to X-rays
  • to run away from, to run into safety from, to shelter from
the children ran into safety from enemy planes
to run away from danger
the shower came too quickly for them to have time to take into safety the things put to dry in the yard
  • (of a machine, mechanism, apparatus) to work, to go
the lift is not working
  • to give up
all the herb-doctors had given up, because his illness was already too serious
  • to pay a bribe, to oil the wheels
      • no possibility of escape
      • to move heaven and earth
      • to be in a bustle
      • to run for one's dear life
      • to run head first
      • to run as fast as one's legs can carry one
tính từ
  • swimmingly, smoothly, in smooth waters
the work is running very smoothly
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