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số từ
  • Nine, ninth
a hundred and nine
two thousand nine hundred
the 15th day of the ninth month
      • Nine men, ten opinions; so many men, so many opinions
      • cloud-touching, cloud-topped, cloud-capped
      • to easily let pass (others' mistakes...), tolerate, connive (at), wink (at), shut one's eyes (to); overlook; tolerate; sink defferences
Solidarity does not mean easily letting pass any mistakes of others as past things
      • bargain, haggle over
      • our parents' painful task of rearing children
      • be very wealthy, roll in wealth
động từ & tính từ
  • Ripen, (to become) ripe; cooked
the orange orchard was ripening in a riot of red
the field was lush with ripening rice
the revolutionary situation was ripe
  • Done to a turn
meat done to a turn
rice well done
  • Careful, mature
still not careful thinking
quite mature deliberation
  • Ruddy, red
cheeks ruddy like a poppy
red with shame
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