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Cách viết khác : chưn [chưn]
  • be a member (of) ) (có chân trong...)
danh từ
  • Foot, leg; paw; (đồ đạc) leg
to set foot in the house
a cow with a lame leg
the legs of a bed, the feet of a beg
the foot of a mountain
a three-legged support, a tripod
sprain one's foot
Tagging at his heels were some page boys
  • Position as a member
to have a position as a member of a people's council
to have a position as an assistant, to be an assistant
  • (khẩu ngữ) Quarter (of an animal for use or for food)
to be distributed a quarter of a buffalo and 2 sao of land
to buy a quarter of a pig shared (with three others) for food
  • Base; crown
a lamp's base
a tooth's crown
  • Plot
a plot of low land
a plot of impoverished land
a plot for sowing
a plot of 5th month rice land
  • truth
truth and falsity
      • Strong and tough, overcome difficulties
      • stagger, reel, sway on one's feet, the left foot kicking the right foot
      • Feet of brass and shoulders of iron (of soldiers capable of carrying heavy packs and marching long distances)
      • To live in clover
      • Toiling and moiling in the fields; by/in the sweat of one's brow; toil hard; toil and moil
      • Free like air (not yet busy with children)
      • The insight (of a story), the fullest details (of some fact); the smallest details; minute detail
      • One foot in one foot out, half-hearted (participation); be double-faced; not to have a clear-cut attitude
when joining a co-op, there should not be any half-heartedness
      • one foot wet and one foot dry, a newcomer, a fresh arrival; be newly arrived
just arrived from a far remote province
      • run (at) full tilt
      • tired, weak
tính từ
  • Genuine, authentic
to make a difference between the genuine and the false
the genuine, the good, the beautiful
  • be right, true, sincere
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