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động từ
  • To be satiated with, to be tired/sick of; have enough of; be fed up with
to be satiated with fat meat
to have slept oneself to satiety, to have slept one's heart content
the landscape was as beautiful as a painting, so their eyes were not tired of looking at it
Poor body bees and butterflies gorged on
  • To be disgusted with
to be disgusted with such an easy but too humdrum life
to be fed up with
  • be in abundance
coal is founded in abundance
tính từ
  • Dull
that play was too dull
the sight of the late afternoon market was pretty dull
it is very dull to listen to him telling stories
  • Plenty enough, still plenty..
plenty enough people are better than we
he turned up only when the meeting had lasted plenty long enough
Still green enough at sixty, One is only a youngster compared with Methuselah
      • what a nuisance!
      • tasteless like sticky rice, dull as ditch-water
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