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  • plow
danh từ
  • Soup, broth
water morning-glory soup
tasty soup
a soup-spoon, a table-spoon
pour over the rice
  • Warp
silk warp and cotton weft
  • Watch
the watch-announcing tocsin sound
the watch-ending tomtom beating (announcing the end of the fifth watch and daybreak)
  • Gambling session, gambling bout
an unlucky gambling session
  • The seventh Heaven's Stem
  • prayers (cũng kinh )
an ignorant teacher can say prayers in an intelligent way
động từ
  • To watch
to watch over dykes for floods
to watch for enemy planes
  • To till, to cultivate, to grow
an area specializing in rice growing
to grow catch crop, to intercrop
  • To boil down, to condense
to boil down molasses
to condense a concoction of herbs
  • boil; boil in low fire
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